Solar Red Publishing

Est. 2017

Solar Red Publishing Group (SRPG) is a publishing group of brands owned and operated by Problem Entertainment, located in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

SRPG deals with book publishing, music publishing, appearal, web development, as well as many other forms of media publications. SRPG has several subsidaries - Solar Red Publishing, which publishes lyrics and music, press releases and also serves as the distributor for the other labels; Solar Red Photography, which deals with digital photography and editing; Solar Red Clothing - an apperal clothing line; and Dark Dungeon Books, a book publisher in the horror, crime, drama and thriller genres.

Solar Red Publishing

Print and Audio Publication

Solar Red Publishing is the print and publication brand dealing with print in various forms as well as music publishing.

Solar Red Photography

Digital Photography and Editing

Solar Red Photography is a digital photography outlet located in Prince Edward Island, Canada founded in March 2016.

Solar Red Clothing

Apperal Clothing Line

Solar Red Clothing is an apperal clothing line founded in 2017. It also distubutes official merchandise for Problem Entertainment.

Dark Dungeon Books

Book Publisher

Dark Dungeon books is a publishing arm with a strong focus on novels in the crime, horror and mystery genres.